How on earth do I cancel?


I no longer require teamviewer and the renewal email states I need to give 28 days notice. However, it seems to be really difficult to do a fairly simple task (intentionally I guess to try and make it so difficult that a customer is then within the 28 days). I've visited the customer portal that gives me all the details of the subscription but no option to cancel. I've logged into the support site and clicked "Submit a ticket" but I get redirected to a pinned post for "TeamViewer’s New and Improved Support Structure". I've started a chat which after 30 mins remains unanswered.

How do I cancel?


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    Hi @chrispont

    Thank you for your post and welcome to our Community.

    We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel and were facing difficulties.

    But good news 🤗, our team can assist. Please reach out to our dedicated department 📞✉️ and they will be able to assist.

    👉️Customer support

    Let me know if you need more information.

    Best, Alena

    Spanish Community Moderator :)