Corporate Accounts only seem to be tied to one person

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We purchased a Corporate License - 3 channels up to 1000 computers. It appear that only 1 person (Bob) is really an Administrator while the other members of the IT team (Joe and Sam) are just users even though everyone is listed as Company Administrators in Security.

Only Bob can create and API Token, move computers from group to group, edit deployments, create policies. Only Bob can join a computer to the subscription by going to the Host security settings and assigning easy access with their account.

Is this just the way Team Viewer is, or does a configuration need to be changed in the portal or through a service request.


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    Hi @JordanCN,

    Welcome to TeamViewer Community and Thank you for contacting us about the question on administration within TeamViewer company profile.

    There are 3 different user roles within TeamViewer company profile:

    1.) Company administrator 2.) User administrator 3.) Member.

    If your TeamViewer account is defined as Company administrator, you will be about to check all the users under User Management on TeamViewer Management Console.

    For more information about Company Profile, we recommend you to read the following knowledge articles📖:

    All about the TeamViewer company profile

    Use a Master Account for your company profile

    Last but not least, as it is complicated with the administration within Company Profile, we strongly encourage you to have a direct conversation with our dedicated support agent, the helpline can be found here📞.

    Feel free to comment below if there is anything we can help you further!



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    Thanks for the info regarding "Master Accounts". I will have to contact Support and see if they can make the current users account a Master Account so we do not loose it if they leave.