Cannot see my mouse nor opened windows on remote.

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Both the host and the remote computers are on the latest version of TeamViewer. Both computers are Windows 10. The host computer has a 4K screen though. The guest, AKA the one remoting in to the host, does not have a 4K screen.

Can authorize and connect but cannot see any of my activity like mouse movement nor do I see windows open whether I try to open it or the user on the other end opens the window themselves.

The background goes black though, from my TeamViewer perspective that is. But I can still see the icons on the desktop.

This issue does not arise with another Windows 10 host but that computer does not have a 4K screen.

I've run out of ideas. The settings in TeamViewer on the host allow full access.

My hunch is that this has to do with the host computer being 4K. But that's a guess. And it's a guess because that's the only real difference between that host and the two other hosts which are Windows 10 and Windows 8 without 4K screens.

I have jinked with the resolution from my perspective. The resolution changes on the other end but I don't see the change. And it also frustrates the other user because it rearranges their desktop icons, And they are really anal about that arrangement of icons.

The host computer is a Corsair. There is no white listing of sites in the firewall of this host computer either. Otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to even authorize to login.

Annie and all help is greatly appreciated.