Connect to android device via mac failure.

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I'm trying to link my mac and android for remote control of the android phone. I keep getting the same message: "To use this functionality, you need an additional mobile device support license". I bought the licenses, I paired devices, and added my Android phone to trusted devices and it's still not working. What could be the issue?


  • Ying_Q
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    Hello @StepanNK,

    Thank you for contacting us in the Community!

    We are glad that you have a TeamViewer license with us, this case might have been related to mobile device support.

    In general, remote controlling a mobile device does require to have a mobile device support with the core license.

    With having the core licenses like TeamViewer Business, Premium and etc, the remote connections can be started from mobile devices, laptop and pc.

    With having mobile device support as the add on, it allows you to have the remote connection to mobile devices.

    If you are interested in getting a mobile device support, feel free to contact TeamViewer Sales Team 📞 for a quote.



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