TeamViewer crashes remote PC

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When I used the free version I had no problems but since buying a license, logging in to my Windows 10 laptop from another PC crashes the remote computer (my laptop). From TeamViewer it looks like the remote disconnected but when I get home I find it shut down.



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    Hello @Gardener

    Congratulations for your first post.😃

    To use TeamViewer correctly, I suggest you verify that you have logged in with your credentials (e-mail and password) in the access option in the upper right-hand corner of the program.

    Another step is to make sure that TeamViewer is open on the remote in order to receive the connection.

    💡Finally I recommend you contact our technical support department for more direct assistance through a ticket, HERE we explain you how to open it.

    For further information don´t hesitate to reach us again.



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