How to wake up remote phones

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I am trying to use TeamViewer to help my mum with her new Android phone. Once the screen is on, I have full access - can unlock the phone, full touch control, etc. However if the phone screen is off I can't do anything.

Is there a way I can turn on the phone screen remotely?

- Thanks in advance


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    Hi @martinzima

    Thank you for your message and congrats for your first post.

    If the phone screen is off in your mothers phone , unfortunately it' s not possible to wake it up with TeamViewer.

    With our TeamViewer you can wake up only computers (windows or mac operating systems), for more information click on this link

    👉️Activate Wake-on-LAN (WOL).

    Inside this article you will find general information on how our Wake-on-Lan works and in case you want to go deeper here you find our

    💡 MANUAL

    If there is anything else we can do for you don' t hesitate to recontact us, we are here for you, and I hope you find a solution for your mother's phone.


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