University TV account has overridden my personal TV account

Wondering if anyone here can help me, and sorry if been asked before but a google and community search wasn't helping much.

I set up a free team viewer (TV) account some years back to access my personal desktop PC at my parents house, at the time I used my university email (hindsight I wish I hadn't, but it was a gmail that we get to 'keep' after graduation with increased cloud storage), things have been great for a number of years, even after graduation (3 years ago) I have continued to use TV to access my desktop.

At some stage in the past month something must have changed as now when I go to log into my personal account the university single sign-in page pops up, then tells me:

AADSTS50105: Your administrator has configured the application Teamviewer ('0c78d4b8-3a90-4cdb-b9cc-5ffa82ca6ed0') to block users unless they are specifically granted ('assigned') access to the application. The signed in user '<UniversityEmailAddress>' is blocked because they are not a direct member of a group with access, nor had access directly assigned by an administrator. Please contact your administrator to assign access to this application.

Is there a way to sign into my personal TV account of the same email address or has this now blocked me from my account. Some other companies e.g. Microsoft offer to sign in with corporate/personal accounts when duplicate accounts of the same email exist but I cannot seem to find the option for TV.

I have tried to enter my password first into (B) then my email into (A), but as soon as my email is entered it forces me to the single sign-in page similar to having clicking on (C), I've tried the usual steps of forgot my password and tried signing in online, on iOS and android all seem to have this issue.


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    Hello @Davitts2,

    Welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🥳

    Uhh - that's a tricky one. It seems that your address is still in the Single Sign-On system of your University, and on top of that, they blocked all accounts that are not "allowed/whitelisted".

    What I recommend to do is to contact your university and ask them to "kick you out" of their TeamViewer company profile (User Management), so you can log in in the standard way (e-mail + password).

    I hope you'll manage to reach out to them!


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