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Hello, good day.

We would like to cancel our subscription with TeamViewer. Reason: No longer needed.

Also ask for 7 day return for the last invoice charged to us, please see attachment.

Thank you,

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    Hello @MARIGLEZ ,

    Thanks for your post and welcome to TeamViewer Community!

    Our users can find out all about subscriptions, including cancellation methods, renewal periods, and more, in our article: 📄 All about subscriptions

    • You can also find the renewal terms and conditions at the bottom of your initial invoice.

    💡Hint: Instructions to open a ticket requesting the cancelation you can find here.

    📌Please note: Our community team cannot process any cancellation request; therefore, please open a support ticket to request cancellation.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

    Best, Carol

    Portuguese Community Moderator