Can user have multiple subscriptions(Licenses) within the same account?

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The user wants to have both 「Remote Access」 and 「Premium」subscription (Licenses) with the same account. The reason is that the user wants some users to have some 「Premium」features, while some are not allowed to.

For example, have the ability to have multiple subscription (Licenses) setups would also work under 1 account, so I have 2 offices and I support and it would be nice to separate them

So, I want to know whether Teamviewer allows users to have multiple subscriptions(Licenses) within the same account?

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    Hi @jackth2929,

    Thank you for sharing the question in the TeamViewer Community!

    It is possible to activate multiple licenses with the same TeamViewer account, BUT it is not recommended to do so as the licenses will get overridden and only ONE license will be working at the time.

    If you have multiple licenses with TeamViewer, we advice activating each license on a separate account for individual management and usage. If you would like to centralise license management into one ultimate account, we kindly ask you to contact TeamViewer Sales Team ☎ for a conversation on license options.

    Hope my explanation answers your question, and let me know if you would like to ask more questions.



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