Black screen on Android device enrolled via Intune

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Hello TV Community,

on every Android device which I have enrolled via MS Intune I cannot see the screen content.

But I cannot see only screen content of programs that are installed and managed in Intune work profile part of Android. In personal part of Android device I can see and interact all program as usual. But in a moment when I want to interact with application installed in work profile I see only black screen and I cannot do anything.

When I switch back to personal part of android everything is working well.

This is tested with TV quicksupport mobile app, with TV Host mobile app, the situation is the same with both programs. Universal Add-on was installed too.

We dont have TV integration with Intune. It is not useful for us yet. 

Tested with the same result - black screen - on Samsung, Pixel, Motorola, Xiaomi android device, with Android ver. 11,12,13.

So I think that I have to prepare somewhere in MS Intune some policy for Teamviewer mobile application.


thx for any advice. DB


I had read every topic and comments on this forum and usefull for my situation was this:, but with the same result - black screen.

what I have implemented in Intune and tested now:

- screen capture is permitted in android configuration profile

- teamviewer QS is permitted as managed apps and is allowed to interact with other managed apps

- in have only small app configuration profile for TV QS where is "Enable users to connect this app across the work and personal profiles

" - Enabled

- I tested to install QS (with universal add-on) to personal part of android and the situation is the same.

- for funny: the same configuration on apple devices is working well (there has Intune different implementation)


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    Did you manage to resolve this? Coming up against the same issue for QuickSupport on personal devices that switch into Work Profile. Been happening since the enforcement of App Protection policies for all device types.

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    Found the solution !

    Teamviewer is based on "printscreen"...

    So on InTune, dont block "printscreen" (set on "not configured") in "General" menu in your configuration profil

    NB : on Adnroid 11/13, i've got the control, but on my 8.1 device, just a share