When will Last Active column be fixed? What's the workaround until then?

Currently when going to Managed Devices under Company Administration, the "Last Active" column is empty consisting of only a single dash "-" for each entry. This is still the case in the CSV that's offered via the 'Download CSV' button.

I recognize that this is a known issue that has been broken, or "is not working as expected" for quite some time now but

  • What's the ETA to implementing the fix?
  • What's the closest workaround for generating a CSV of all devices including the last time the device was active?


  • IT_Revolution
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    edited November 2022

    Why I can not see any date?

  • JeanK
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    Hello @IT_Revolution,

    Great to see you posting for the first time! 🚀

    Indeed, this is a known issue.

    The last active item is not working as excepted, which, I agree, makes this feature currently unusable.

    Our R&D team is working on a solution.

    I thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience.


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  • IT_Revolution
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    Hi JeanK,

    Ok I can accept this "feature" is not working. TBH it should not be a feature it is should be mandatory, critical function which is absolutely needed us to be able to maintain our managed devices.

    We are paying more than 700 USD / year, and now we are threatened with a policy will be applied by 1st December. How it will be applied, please? Based on adminsitration view we have 647 connected device but just 500 allowed. Will TeamViewere delete 147 devices randomly? C'mon.

    How we can maintain the devices without last active date?



  • JeanK
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    Hi Peter,

    I absolutely understand where you are coming from and that this is not an ideal situation.

    To answer your question, TeamViewer will not randomly delete the devices exceeding the limit.

    From the 1st of December, connections to the lastely assigned devices exceeding the limit will be blocked.

    This means the last 147 devices that have been assigned will be blocked.

    Let me know if you have any questions! I'll be happy to help you further.


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  • IT_Revolution
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    Hi JeanK,

    so we will lost recently added 147 devices... I am sure we are still using them. Why don't you block the oldest devices? That is absolutely crazy, we can not maintain our devices due to a non-working "feature" and we will be punished in a completely senseless way. It is totally unfair to be honest.

    Please chase your R&D team for fix the last active date issue before 1st December and then we will do the cleanup on our way.

  • JeanK
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    I will pass on the message and push for a quick resolution.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback - it's very important so we can address the issues ideally.

    Have a great day,


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  • JurisErts
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    We have been working with TeamViewer for a long time and have accumulated a large number of devices that exceed the allowed limit. I can use the script to delete old inactive devices, but I can't delete those with an empty last seen - null. Among such devices are both recently added and active devices as well as older ones.

    When I export the list of TeamViewer devices, most of the devices show `last seen', but most of them do not. How could I solve the problem with machines not showing the last date of connection?


  • NSDiv
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    BUMP on the last post. This is still an issue on August 28th, 2023.

    Are there any updates on a coming fix?

    Or are there any current workarounds?

  • IMcLean
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    Any update on this request? This is a pretty big need out there!

  • brianwalshcork
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    I came here to see if I was just missing something obvious. I had to license 100 extra endpoints recently as I was unable to identify devices that were no longer in service.

    I didn't expect to see that this was "not working as expected" for 14 months.... how many Teamviewer releases have there been in that time? Bit of a shambles.