Convert Teamviewer Full to Host

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Hi Guys

I have a number of remote computers that were setup as TeamViewer Full in error. I want to change these so they are running my custom host module instead.

I was hoping this is something that can be done remotely as the physical locations of the remote computers are dotted around the country. All the computers are running Windows POSReady7.

Any help would be much appreciated



  • Egis_B
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    same issue. new GUI is **bleep**.

  • LakeShore
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    Same issue

    How can we switch from Full to Host in an automated way, without breaking or removing hosts from any groups/policies?

  • Nawaki
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    Would also like to know if this is possible! my predecessor installed full client every where which is not needed.

  • Sirous
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    is there any solution for this issue?

    I have 60+ machines with TeamViewer full version and need to replace them with a custom Host.

    what is the best way of doing this?

  • VV_Invictus
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    Hello to all,

    Any solution on this?, I also have more than 70 devices setup with the TeamViewer Full and just need the Host version.

    I would love it if you can let me know how to do this change remotely.


  • Dermotron
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    Same issue as here. We were using an image but one engineer wasn't familiar with host so installed full TV instead. Due to security issues RDP is disabled even though devices are on the domain (not necessarily at the same site)

  • Mazuroo
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    Crickets. Is there an answer to this?