Help, I can not log in. Not receiving trusted devices emails.

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When I attempt to log in, I get the message stating I need to click the link in the email to add the device to the trusted devices but the emails never come.

I got the emails from setting set up my account and only once received a trusted device email from setting up my pc for remote access.

I have checked the junk folder and as I am using my own domain for my email, I can see all the emails that hit the mail server. None of the trusted device emails are ever received by the mail server. I have received the email welcoming me to the community forum but still not any trusted device emails.

I am only able to post this as I can authenticate in a browser if I launch the management console, from the TeamViewer client app that was thankfully logged in.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi @WantToUseTeamviewer,

    We're happy to welcome you to our Community! 🌍

    It can happen that the reception of trusted device emails has some delays.

    If you have already double-checked your spam and junk folder, you may also consider adding the TeamViewer domain to your email server-allowed list like this: *

    Please give it another try, and let us know if you still not receiving the trust device email!

    Have a nice day,


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