TeamViewer Account Falsely Restricted

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Hi everyone,

My TeamViewer account has been falsely marked as being used for Commercial Use, which I find as a complete shock as I genuinely can't think of anything I have done to trigger this. All devices are remotely accessed for personal reasons, and I'm keeping within the rules laid out for free users.

Now - I know about the and option - this simply does not work. The page says that I shall receive a response within 5 business days of me sending the request.

I sent the request. It is now going 2 months, and I haven't received ANY reply, through TeamViewer or email. I have double checked all the details on my account (to ensure they're correct) and I can confirm that there is no way that I'm unreachable through my account details. I have also submitted another reset request 1 month ago. Same thing - absolutely no returned correspondence. Not even a confirmation of submission email. And yes - I have checked my junk!

This is really starting to affect me, as I integrated TeamViewer into my daily flow of switching between devices using attended access, and also on some genuine occasions where my friends/family require assistance I cannot provide now it as I'm restricted to 30 seconds of remote connection per session.

So, I guess the main question: is there an email address or alternative method of contact to get through to TeamViewer support, but for free users? The account reset form obviously does not work and I need this escalated at some point.

Any help and/or assistance would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.