How to download universal add-on after installing quicksupport on Android?

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How can I download the universal add-on to provide remote control to an Android streamer that has Quicksupport running? The streamer is supporting screen sharing, but not remote control, which is our objective.

When we first installed Quicksupport on a GoTV streamer running Android Google TV, it installed ok. However, then, the remote-control add-on download ran and reported it was not compatible with the device. So I'd like to try to download the universal add-on.

The objective is to control that GoTV Android streamer from a remote Mac or Teamviewer web server. Here are the GoTV model and OS build information:

model SEI600GOOS, version 10 Kernel version 4.9.180, build QTT8.201201.002.1622 release-keys

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