Crosscall Add-On not working anymore

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Hi all,

So today I've just find that the Crosscall add-on for Quicksupport on Android doesn't work anymore.

When you start Quicksupport you have to download the add-on, but it just say that the android version is not compatible. I've try to download the universal add-on but it didn't work, I can connect on my phone but I can't take control of it.

Since last time when I've try it everything was working fine, I didn't upgrade my Android version or anything since then. Can someone help me please ?

Additional info :

Phone : Crosscall Core M5

Android version : 11

Build : RKQ1.210107.001 release-key

Quicksupport version : 15.41.101 QS

Add-On : Add-On: Crosscall (b) ver. 12.0.6278


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    So I've take contact with the Teamviewer Support team and they told me that they are going to update the app on the playstore, but they can't tell me how many time it will take.

    They also gave me the app as an APK and it work well, but I can't share it with the community, so if you got the same problem just ask the support to send you the APK.

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    Same problem here, how did you manage to get in touch with the support ? Thanks