Can someone bypass 2FA???

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Can someone please teach me how to grab logs of what last connected to my machine? And or if there's a list or some way I can figure out where it was from so I can report it to TeamViewer and the Police directly?

I've had this happen a total of two times now, once before reviewing the security checkup and now after setting up 2FA and everything TeamViewer has wanted me to do. Someone has just completely opened up my PC and woke it from sleep completely bypassing everything TeamViewer claims shouldn't happen.

(I've also changed both the email associated with TeamViewer and the Password both times after this has happened.)

Immediately both times I've gone into the bottom right and closed their connection. However, this time they tried disabling my antivirus and this has gotten beyond concerning.

I use TeamViewer almost daily, as I have it for my personal machines I have around the house and for family PC's that are hundreds of miles away to help them when they need support.

Do I have to start looking for an alternative if not even the 2FA is going to stop someone from accessing my machine through easy access?


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    Hi @superspartan21 ,

    Welcome, and thanks for reaching out to our Community.

    We're sorry to hear you're facing security concerns about TeamViewer, and I hope I can help clarify some of your concerns.

    First and foremost, rest assured that TeamViewer is secure and that it's not possible to bypass two-factor authentication.

    Regarding log files, you can find them by following the instructions here.

    TeamViewer has a feature to wake up devices, you can find how to configure it in our article: Wake-on-LAN. However, we received confirmation that this feature is currently not working. You can read more about the known issue that prevents this feature from working in this discussion.

    In our security handbook, we advise setting up an allowed list.

    • Do you have this set up too? If not, you can find the instructions here.

    👉 If you suspect that someone entered your device without your concern or if you're a victim of a scam, please know that you can report the incident here. If you have already contacted the police, please know that the police officers can contact TeamViewer directly by sending an email to [email protected].

    You can find more information on steps taken as well as international organizations TeamViewer works with to mitigate this type of fraud here.

    I hope this information can help you! 🍀

    Let us know if we can assist you any further. 🙋‍♀️

    Best, Carol

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    Carol, thank you for the reply.

    I will be extracting the logs and getting that to TeamViewer.

    Because I have both the allowed list and have 2FA set up, I even logged out and logged back in to double check both list and the 2FA and they are working. So I'm not sure why someone still had access to have my computer on, no one else has access to my TeamViewer but myself, and no one has access to my authenticator either.

    Very freaky that this is happening, will update this thread with what I hear from TeamViewer.

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    Hi @superspartan21 ,

    Thanks for the reply and the additional information!

    I hope you can get this situation clarified as soon as possible.

    Stay safe! 🌷

    Best, Carol

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    I know this is much later after the thread was posted, however, when I try to upload my log files to TeamViewer, it won't upload them fully, I've been sitting on trying to upload different log files with no success.

    Is there any other way I can get an email to TeamViewer with my logs attached?

    Here's the picture of where it was sitting for an hour before I tried a different and smaller log file and got the same result;