Setting up Easy Access on MacOS

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I cannot set computers with MacOS to allow for Easy Access. Worse, TeamViewer is forcing me to input the remote computer's password, but TV on the remote computer does not show a password, anywhere.

The Mac that I'm running is running the full and latest version of TeamViewer, 15.42.4. From the Mac's screen, I can see that it's awaiting confirmation and on the computer that I'm trying to remote from, I'm asked to enter the "password that is displayed on your partner's computer." Cannot do this since I cannot find the password, cannot enable Easy Access.



This new UI of theirs is the most dysfunctional thing I've ever seen TeamViewer do. God, please don't let them make this the TeamViewer of the future.


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    Turns out, the new UI does not give a password, you have to use the old UI for that, TeamViewer notes this on KB109267. ??

    I found how to revert to the UI that works.

    Regarding Easy Access, though, I cannot get it to work on MacOS. I can see that the computer is assigned to my account, I can see the remote computer on my console, and when I try to connect from my workstation, I can see on the remote PC that it's waiting for me to authenticate. Under Security - Unattended access - "Easy Access for one manager is granted," this is checked and I see "Easy Access is the recommended way to access your device remotely.

    Great, but how? I'm a single-user organization, there are no other users.

    What am I missing?

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    Hi @Braelyn-Natalia,

    Thank you for messaging us in the TeamViewer Community! We are sorry to hear the confusion happened.

    At the same time, I have also run a test on my side to set up Easy Access on a macOS device. Easy access works as expected to connect without asking password. I also checked the setting of Security and it has the same display while successfully remote-connected without asking a password.

    May I ask you kindly remove the account assignment by deleting the TeamViewer client on the Mac device, then reinstall TeamViewer Host and complete the steps of Easy Access by signing into your TeamViewer account please? Full information is available in this KB - Provide unattended remote support.

    Last but not least, you are invited to contact TeamViewer Support Team for individual assistance on checking the Easy access connection too.

    Keep me posted about your progress and hope to hear some good news from you.



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