Unable to WOL with android. Log Files show error no license.

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I have used Team Viewer for a very long time. A few years ago I got flagged as commercial use. I filled out the forms; they investigated and found that I am using it for private use. For as long as I can remember I had the ability to WOL (Wake On Lan) my PC’s via the android app.

Last February there was an update to Team Viewer on my phone. I got one popup stating that it was suspecting commercial usage. It happened only once. I am still able to connect to my PC’s, but I am unable to WOL my two systems via the android app. I have no Popups stating commercial usage and I do not have a time limit.

I then filled out the forms and included all the Team Viewer ID’s that I use to request they investigate my usage and to please grant me the private licensee one again. After a month or so went by; I got a notice saying that I was checked out and that all ID’s have been set for private usage.

Well, my phone still will not WOL my systems. I then filled out the forms again and told them the situation and to reset my phone for me. A day went by and they said they reset all my ID’s. My phone was still unable to WOL my PC’s. I checked the log files and there was an entry like this (note I changed the ID’s):

I/TeamViewer PListManagedDevice::WakeupAsync: WakeOnLanRequest RequestWakeup: 1xxxxxxx2 (15xxxxxxx)

2023/05/07 08:48:30.521 16252-16288 E/TeamViewer PListManagedDevice::WakeupAsync: Wakeup 1xxxxxxx2  was not successful. Error: No license

2023/05/07 08:48:35.860 16252-16252 I/TeamViewer GroupMemberListComputerViewModel::WakeUpDevice() wake up request is already running

2023/05/07 08:48:38.872 16252-16286

I then sent in the forms again telling them about the log files, and they said they reset the ID’s again. I did this a total of 6 times. Still no resolve. I uninstalled it from my phone, removed it from the management website. Reinstalled the program on my phone, then added it to my management counsel once again. I still am unable to WOL my PC’s, it still has the same log entries when I try to wake them up.

How do I fix this??