Add the computer to your Computers & Contacts

I'm just trying to connect two computers. Bought a personal license. on the "Team Viewer Management Console" webpage, I can see my two computers, and they are both added under "Computers & Contacts" tab. But, when I try to connect to either of them, it tells me to "Add the computer to my computers & contacts". I don't know why the computers aren't added when you sign in, but whatever.

If I click "Learn More", I get a link to a Team Viewer Classic handbook. I don't know why I'd be on Team Viewer Classic, since I just downloaded the software. And the instructions don't look anything like what I'm looking at.

I've spent over an hour, have logged in multiple times to both computers using both the app and the web portal. Which is annoying, since each time I need the authenticator app for a new code.

So very irritated. This is garbage.