Cannot activate using the email link - problem (check screen)

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i have problem with activation of remote acccess lincense.

Using the link, asking me to login i do it, then when i click activate problem occur.

Tested on 2 browsers - firefox na EDGE.

Please fix it.

TeamViewer License Activation - [removed per Community Guidelines]


  • Akiho
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    Hi @Saimekka,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and we are sorry to hear about the inconvenience with the onboarding process.

    We kindly ask you to contact our Customer Support team for further assistance, as this topic includes private information.

    Please return to this thread again if you have any difficulties contacting our support team.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Warm regards,


    P.S. We do not allow the upload of personal information to this forum in order to protect our users' privacy and personal data. Thanks for your understanding that we remove such information immediately.

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  • Saimekka
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    Hello Akiho

    i have problem with contacting support, cannot generate ticket cause its for lincensed users only

    and i bought license but have problems activating so my ticket was dismissed cause i am not a licensed user.

    can you make at ticket manually on my account szymon.xxxx@...?

    We kindly ask you to contact ourCustomer support team for further assistance, as this topic includes private information. - this is only for licensed.