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Please forgive my ignorance on this topic. I'm a relatively new independent field tech who took an assignment to assist a major supplier of software-defined networking in remotely connecting to the demarc at one of their client's locations. I was told I needed Putty and Teams. Upon arrival, I was told to use Teamviewer. I quickly searched and dowloaded Teamviewer. They also had me set a static IP after plugging into the MDF via ethernet.

My laptop is now infected with some sort of python virus or malware which I can't remove via reset or reinstall. Exceot for muted buttons on services and settings, the issues with start-up apps, remote support, etc. can only be seen via Systernals. I had recently reset my laptop and hadnt used it until that day, so I suspected the support agent to whom I gave access, regardless of the reputation of his company. They have insisted that I must have selected a fake search result when downloading Teamviewer and that the official Teamviewer download site is not the first search result that appears.

I have since searched multiple times and must scroll by at least 10 different results that are directly linked to your site before seeing one that isn't and even those are familiar sites.

Can you give me any insight? I don't want to cause issues with my customer, but its a pretty big coincidence.

Thank you!


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    Hello @SMHutton

    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the TeamViewer community.

    We can confirm that TeamViewer is always 100% safe when downloaded from our website.

    Regarding search results, I looked at Google myself, and similar to you I do not see any 'fake' TeamViewer website ads - we are also proactive with such 'results' and work with Google to get any that are found removed.

    That being said, with the variety of search engines and ad services, it could be possible you downloaded the application from a non-TeamViewer website; we of course always recommend going directly to any software company's website when looking for a download, and always watch for the 'ad' or 'sponsored' icon next to the top results in any search.

    In any case, we in the Community would not be able to verify the validity of a specific app download; instead, I would recommend contacting to explain your case. They may be able to provide a bit more insight into the issue.

    I hope this helps!

    Josh P.

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