Teamviewer host on Windows Terminal servers randomly disabling password

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We have a terminal server environment all running Windows server 2022. I noticed that randomly some servers would have the Teamviewer password set to disabled and I am not sure what's causing it.

I have all of them set to "Generate new Password" after each session in the advanced settings and have the random password set to 6 characters. But then after a while the passwords will get disabled again on some servers.

Is this somehow getting disabled when a user clicks on something after a session? We have about 15-20 users logged on to each server. We have Teamviewer host 15.7 installed on all of our Terminal Servers.


  • pdx86
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    Actually i just found out that this pop up comes up after every teamviewer session. So, some users click Deactivate which disables the password. Is there a way to stop this from poping up on the user's side after every session?

  • memphiz
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    You have to create new a policy or add a settings to your existing one:

    Random password after each session - set it to: " Keep current" + enforce