Im getting Invoiced. But my Account is showing Free. Not able to submit ticket

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Hi Im getting invoiced yearly.

But my account status is showing Free.

Im not able to submit ticket despite being invoiced every year.

Please help me on this.


  • Nadin_W
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    Hello @prtamil,

    Thank you for your post.

    It sounds like your license hasn't been activated on your account yet. To do so, please follow the next steps.

    Step 1:

    You should also have received the email with the following subject: [Your TeamViewer License Activation - Your Account number]

    💡 Hint: This email must have been sent to you the day you ordered your subscription. Please, check your spam folder, since TeamViewer communication emails sometimes end up there.

    Step 2:

    You'll find instructions to activate your license in the following articles:

    📃 License Activation Guides - Overview

    📃 Activate and set up your Remote Access license

    Click on the respective activation guide based on your purchased license.

    If you don't find anything in your email folders on that specific date or need assistance with the activation process, please contact our support team via chat 💬 or write us again.



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