Why can I use the Universal add-on only once on Pocophone F1?

Dizzy Posts: 1


I have a family member using Pocophone F1. Whenever I try to connect to them the Universal add-on doesn't seem to work. I can only see their screen. No error message I can find.

Then if we remove and reinstall the add-on and enable it from the accessibility menu it works but only for that session (I can see and control their device).

The next time I'll try to connect I'm back at square one. When I check the accessibility menu I see that the add-on is still there & enabled.

Any idea of this is a bug or some kind of malfunctioning / over-protective security app running on the phone? AFAIK we haven't installed any anti-virus / anti-malware app on the device (but Xiaomi may bundle the device with something of their own).

Thanks in advance