I just upgraded from Free to the license. How do I start a session?

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I just upgraded from Free to paid. The user interface changed. I simply want to connect to my friend by asking: What is your User ID and What is your password?

If i use the Old TViewer Interface, the box for entering their ID numbers is Missing? How do i get this back?



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    There "seems" to be an implication that I have to REGISTER my friend? But what i do not understand is that IF i have to unregistered them each time I wish to connect with them?


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    Basically, when I launch Tv the "Control Remote Computer" => Enter Partner ID box is not visable. So need a hint. ??? How to enter the connection address??

    This is not use for business at all. So I paid since i was using with friend or family.

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    Hi @Viewer_Cactus150,

    Thank you for your visit in the TeamViewer Community!

    We encourage all TeamViewer user to try TeamViewer Remote interface and you may connect in two ways: session code and TeamViewer ID. Simply look for the sections in the following screenshot:

    1. Start the remote session with a session code, full information is available here - Provide attended remote support
    2. Start the remote session with TeamViewer ID and password - Connect via ID and password
    3. Adding to the new purchase you have made, we also provide license activation steps in the Community and the suggestive article- Activate and set up your Remote Access license.

    For switching between TeamViewer Remote and TeamViewer Classic interfaces, there is a toggle available on the top-right corner of the TeamViewer client.

    On TeamViewer Remote

    On TeamViewer Classic

    At last, if you prefer to stay with TeamViewer Classic, the Remote Control session for entering partner ID is available.

    Hope that the screenshots and the quick explanations help you to have a fast and smooth remote connection.



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