Single sign on keeps trying to use my old personal email instead of my work email so it fails

long story short, changed from using my personal email on a free account over to my work email with a tensor account

work requires single sign on

when the window for single sign on comes up, it fails because its still trying to use my personal email instead of my work email...

there is nowhere I can find to change this behavior

it doesnt matter if I put my work email into the SSO box and click continue, its still trying to use the personal email

I have determined this from asking it to reset my password, and it sends the email to the personal email instead of the work email

This only happens with the Old style interface

I have uninstalled, and re-installed it, and it opens with the new interface...and SSO works correctly with the new interface... however, if I restart my computer, it defaults back to the old interface even though I did not tell it to do I get stuck with the SSO problem again

is there a registry key or a file somewhere that I can delete/change so that it forgets my old free account email and allows me to use the SSO again properly?

or is there a registry key to force it back to the new interface again???(button is not there in the old interface anyhwhere)

as it sits, I have to uninstall and re-install it everytime my computer reboots


  • Ying_Q
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    Hello @soundtechscott,

    Thank you for reaching out to us in the Community for help!

    Regarding the issues with SSO and the interface switch, we suggest you check with the company admin for confirmation on the email permission and policy setting on the interface. Both these settings can be changed by the company admin.

    At the same time, the following Community articles may be helpful for reference:



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  • soundtechscott
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    Dear Ying

    Clearly you dont understand that I am unable to log into teamviewer on my computer, therefore, an admin forced new interface, wont affect me until I can log in...which I CANT DO BECAUSE THE SSO IS BROKEN and keeps trying to use my old email instead of my work email SSO info...

    what I need is to know where in the background data I can delete the settings that store the SSO info so it will ask me for new info/for the SSO login

    or where in the registry I can tell it to force the new interface version

    Please Dont respond with your generic canned responses we have all seen 800 times on this forum... the generic canned responses are not helpful to anybody, ever.

  • Ying_Q
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    I am sorry that my previous reply has not delivered any progress and satisfaction.

    After reading your posts again and again, may I ask if you removed all settings while running the uninstallation of TeamViewer? The full uninstallation instruction is available here - Uninstall TeamViewer Remote on Windows. Following that, please try a fresh download and installation of the latest version of TeamViewer and then sign in again.

    However, I would also stand for the option of contacting your company admin for account permission and confirmation at the same time.

    I hope that I can help again with your situation!



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  • JenW
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    Hi @soundtechscott,

    I'm jumping into this thread to give you a few tips that could help you solve your issue.

    First, regarding your TeamViewer account, and with the SSO in place within your company, it can cause some issues to change the email address of an existing account.

    Here are two possibilities to fix the login issue:

    • Start from scratch ➜ Change the email address of your TeamViewer account to your personal email again and then create a brand new user account, directly from your company profile (one of the company admins will have to do it).
    • Use directly an AD Sync if you do not wish to do it manually.

    Second, regarding the TeamViewer interface, as you have a Tensor license, there is the possibility to enforce the use of the new interface only via policy, as my colleague Ying suggested to you above. If you apply and enforce the New Interface policy, then you shouldn't have the old interface showing up again.

    Here is the article about this specific policy: 📄 Control the user interface

    We do hope that this advice can help you solve the issues.

    Please keep us updated on the results!



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  • soundtechscott
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    So I finally got some real help......

    I figured I would put the info here for posterity and so that somebody else with this or a very similar issue can see the resolution

    the answer to my problem was solved today by direct help from a person in teamviewer tech support

    I was asked to Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting

    and the Tech support person logged on via teamviewer to the machine in question having the problem

    after showing the tech support person my issue, they were able to determine what was happening

    as I suspected, something in the teamviewer settings in the registry was missing or incorrect

    apparently there is some built in Teamviewer Browser Caching that happens for SSO Logins

    and it was explained to me that it was broken or stuck

    I was told it was likely caused because I had previously used a personal account, and switched to a tensor account with a different email, and then had a version update all at the same time...

    the fix for me was to add this registry key to


    add 32bit DWord


    with a Hexadecimal Value of 1