Why am I seeing different results on my administration support PCs for unattended access?

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I am running the latest version Teamviewer full client on two administration PCs.

Both are licensed "support PCs". (I only use one of them at a time)

When connecting to a client that is joined and trusted for unattended access, one support PC connects right up and takes control, while the other always says the end user has to allow the connection to show the screen. This stops me from unnattended access.

This is repeatable when connecting to any trusted clients. One PC always connects no problem, one PC always requests user validation from the client.

Both support PCs are set up exactly the same way and the client is migrated and duplicated and trusted and added to the account and management.

I have uninstalled Teamviewer and reinstalled it on the support PC that always requests client user validation but nothing changes.

I have tried the new and old support interface.

Why do I only have authority for unattended access with one of the PCs?


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    The support PC that connects no problem is Windows 10 Pro.

    The support PC that always asks for client user validation is Windows 11 Pro.