virtual keys stuck: macOS to macOS

Hello, when connecting from macOS to macOS with I often experience an issue where the Command key is stuck on the remote Mac (running headless and keyboardless). For instance, I have 3 tabbed folders in the Finder. I work with them every day. When the issue pops up, I can't click on any of the folder tabs to switch to another folder. I have to tap the Command key on my Mac several times to get it to behave on the remote Mac.

I also have regular trouble trying to Shift Click multiple files in the Finder until I do the keyboard tap.

This is with TeamViewer 15.48.4 (4486e586978) on the remote Mac and 15.47.3 (d11df019d35) on my Mac. The issue has persisted through multiple TeamViewer versions and macOS versions. I'm updating TeamViewer on my Mac right now. I'm running macOS Sonoma on my Mac.

The other issue I'm experiencing, is being unable to use all the usual key commands like Command A, Command W, Command C etc etc, as well as pressing the Command key while clicking on the folder title in order to quickly navigate up and down the folder heriarchy.

Any tips greatly appreciated.


  • guxviewer
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    edited December 2023

    I have same problem latest TV build to date in both macs.

    It's almost impossible to do anything with this bug

    modifier kes get stuck even if I dont touch them.

    I have cintiq drivers installed in both macs, just in case this mean something, macos ventura latest build and mojave latest build.

  • kharvey88
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    It's definitely very frustrating and the opposite of productive. It affects every remote session to a greater or lesser degree.

  • Logician
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    Me too. This is definitely a regression bug, IMNSHO. Started a few weeks ago. Mac to Mac. (M1 to Intel.) Not sure of version #s but I only started using TV late this year, and for first several sessions, no problem. Now happens multiple times per session.

    Workaround is to simply tap the Command key every time it gets stuck.

    But it's quite a problem. Sometimes I cause the remote computer to take inappropriate actions because it thinks the Command key is down. Dangerous. Could cause data loss.

    Hello, support staff???

  • kharvey88
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    Yeah, it's incredibly annoying and a real speed **bleep** when trying to get things done. I received an initial response on my support ticket. I replied with more detail. Hopefully, a useful response tomorrow. 🤞