TeamViewer 15.48.4 doesn't open on MacOS BigSur

Hello! We support a very large company that in a familiar part has a BugSur system. Today we found that teamviewer does not start. This applies to any version of bigsur. Other systems including even on Catalina system teamviewer starts up. Teamviewer version 15.47.3 starts on BigSur but where Teamviewer has updated to 15.48.4 it no longer wants to turn on. Updating Rosetta does not help. Reinstalling the program does not help. QuickSupport displays an error. Please feedback what you are going to do about it :)

PS. We can't do system updates (especially since everything works on the Catalina system because there is a block on installing newer versions)


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    Hi! Can you help with this or give me any feedback?

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    @KarolDworacki Thanks for your message. There is unfortunately a bug on Apple's end that can cause TeamViewer 15.48 to quit unexpectedly on macOS 11 Big Sur when running on a Mac with Apple Silicon CPU.

    As the bug is in Apple's software development tools, we had to wait for a fixed version from Apple. That version is now available, and we are currently integrating and testing it. Since we need to ensure the update isn't introducing any new issues, it will take a bit longer for a TeamViewer update with the fix to become available.

    If you cannot update your Mac to a more recent version of macOS (we recommend doing so, as newer versions of macOS contain important security improvements), you can use TeamViewer 15.47 as a temporary workaround:

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    Hi! @MoreCoffee , thank you for information. Let me know when something will change :)