Teamviewer Services Stop After Adding MS Teams Pro Licence


Hi Team,

Hoping someone can help me! I added 50+ Teams Pro Licences to our MTRs (Microsoft Teams Rooms) (Running Windows 10 and 11)

The devices appeared in the Pro Portal and the devices were 'Enrolled' so we can see them on our Teams Pro Portal they all appear as 'Healthy'

Since adding the licences though we've lost TeamViewer on all of them

I added another one last night but this time we didn't let it 'Enrol' and just left it in the onboarding state. I had assumed it was the 'Enrolling' that caused TeamViewer to disappear but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I logged in to it via Teamviewer to check the room was functional following the upgrade and all was OK, after the reboot is when it offline. It seems all the other ones that went offline happened after their nightly reboots too once the licences had been added.


I found this link on the community earlier:

This is what's happening on our devices... but the guy in this forum post has upgraded the client and still seeing the problem. I can't even get to upgrade the client as I can't get it to launch. I've checked the Firewall settings etc...

Can someone please help or provide a suggestion? I will be forever grateful!