Real-Time Assistance by TeamViewer with Apple Vision Pro

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Dear TeamViewer Community,

As a leading company in innovative technology, we are thrilled to be among the first global tech players to create our specialized app, TeamViewer Spatial Support for Apple Vision Pro! 

TeamViewer Spatial Support is an app for real-time 3D assistance between iPhone users and Apple Vision Pro users. It is a tool that helps remote problem resolution between two users; a service agent with an iPhone on the site, and an expert with Apple Vision Pro.

Powered by Apple's spatial computing technology, Vision Pro brings 3D models into your physical environment. And with TeamViewer Spatial Support, we are connecting all on-site workers with their experts, even if they are miles away. Therefore the distance does not matter to create collaboration, and it is possible to provide guidance in the most modern and innovative way by having AR-enabled video calls and advanced troubleshooting.

As a company who knows how to provide remote assistance well, we are very excited to be in the lead of how to revolutionize real-time immersive remote assistance by enabling the creation and synchronization with 3D visualization of real-world objects.

Let's take a look at how this innovation works!


  • TeamViewer Spatial Support app for iOS: iOS 17 or later with LiDAR technology (iPhone 12 Pro or newer) Available on AppStore
  • TeamViewer Spatial Support app (visionOS) for Apple Vision Pro Available on AppStore
  • TeamViewer Tensor license

How does the collaboration start?

Agent creating a service ticket:

The agent, who is looking to resolve an issue on a device/machinery, goes to TeamViewer Spatial Support app on their iPhone and creates a service ticket. The service ticket has a name, description and attachments. The attachments can be 3D models, photos or videos.

The agent here can scan objects and create 3D models to attach into the ticket.

After the ticket is submitted, it will be uploaded to TeamViewer Ticketing System with all the information, including the 3D scan.

The agent now waits for their partner to join the session to start the collaboration.

When the expert sees the service ticket, they can review the ticket information, including all media, on Apple Vision Pro.

Expert on Vision Pro

View ticket details

By choosing Ticket Details, the expert can interact with each media asset, whether it is a 3D scan, an image, or a video to better understand the issue that was reported.

Join a session

It is time for the real-time video call since TeamViewer Spatial Support brings the collaboration in 3D.

In this case, expert can tap on Join Session on Vision Pro to initiate a call with the agent on site.

3D Collaboration starts

The expert on Vision Pro chooses Start Collaboration:

Experts can place the model in the Vision Pro canvas for inspection and collaboration by choosing the assets from the library and provide guidance easily.

It is also possible for agents to place the previously scanned 3D models in the call. Here, we can see both sides working on the focused part of the coffee machine:

3D Markers

Now, both sides can interact with the visuals in real-time, placing markers and arrows to accelerate the issue resolutions. 

The expert on Vision Pro can place arrows right in the 3D model, and give precise guidance with the 3D markers to the agent on what to inspect.  

Since agents are also able to place markers on the model from their iPhone, the process gets even easier.

Completing this step, supporting the on-site technician, the expert connects to the coffee machine itself via TeamViewer Embedded, and interacts with the human-machine-interface, like, being right in front of the coffee machine. 

So, problem solved!

Last but not least, with this experience, before closing this ticket, experts can deploy pre-build 3D workflows. These workflows can autonomously go forward and give step-by-step guidance in the future for any agent with similar issues.

As you have seen, our aim is to revolutionize your aftersales support and field service experiences with TeamViewer Spatial Support app, available for both Vision Pro and iPhone users.

Connect with your customer success manager for more details and start exploring the endless possibilities! It is time to experience the new level of connectivity and team work!

All the best,



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    I have tried to log in from the Vision Pro, and cannot do so. I have tried both online and the app…please help.

  • Ceren_Kurt23
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    Hi @Mrmiddleton ,

    Sorry to hear that you ran into a problem. Could you specify what kind of problem you are facing and what is the error?

    Looking forward to hear from you!


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