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Does using 2 monitors stop team viewer working

Hello we have installed team viewer onto 10 machines, all practically identical.

All work bar 2. These machines connect and you can see te screen as it should be but when you open an application the screen turns white, or text boxes are missing, now I know they are there because whn I click on the screen the function happens but I can't see it.

The only difference I can find to the other machines is that on these 2. They both have 2 monitors (as do the others) but in this case when checking the systems of the ones not functioning properly they only register 1 monitor. The ones that work show 2 monitors?

Can anyone help?





  • Raven
    Raven Posts: 23

    Hi TonyYoung,

    Like you I use TeamViewer on multi-monitor workstations, and I have to say I've actually never had a problem with TeamViewer picking up a second or subsequent monitor.  In fact I've found the buttons and options TeamViewer presents you with cover a multitude of angles, so it's possible you've not come across them - I'll just briefly outline the three ways mine handles it, in case any help =]

    Firstly, you can have TeamViewer display an entire desktop (this is assuming you're using your multiple monitors as an extended desktop ?) on a single-screen.  Obviously this can lead to some resizing of the elements so that they all fit on-screen, but since I often remote-access my work PC (which has 2 screens) from my 27" iMac, it displays beautifully on-screen without a problem;

    Secondly, you have access to a switch button on both the top toolbar and the reduced toolbar, to switch from one monitor to another (in case you want to cycle through the monitors you have available);

    Thirdly, you can display the individual monitors as tabs either along the top bar of your active window, or in separate windows, meaning you can have the (say) 2 screens on the remote workstation, one on your left screen, and the other on your right screen.  This is one of the better options for dragging and dropping (although the first option I cited is the best option for this).

    Hope that helps a bit ! =]

    - Raven
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