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Support can only connect to my PC w/TeamViewer12 if I am actually using it

I work for a radio station that is highly automated; I would guess the station is unattended 75%+ of the time.  The ability for the company who supports our automation software to log into our machines when we are not here is absolutely critical.

For some reason this has stopped working; the company uses TeamViewer 12 to connect to PCs for remote sessions; for the past several months support agents can ONLY get logged in if one of us is actually using the machine.  If we are not here at the station using the machine they are not able to connect - it seems to get stuck on the "initializing display parameters" screen.

Since all of our equipment is in a rack room we do utilize Avocent Longview LV1000R boxes to get a connection to our monitors - maybe this is part of the puzzle?

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  • Chiron
    Chiron Posts: 229 ✭✭

    We had a similar issue. Windows 10, TeamViewer 12, could not connect if the Windows lock screen (or logon screen) was displayed. We never did pinpoint the cause, but updating Windows and TeamVewer seems to have fixed the issue.

    There are also a couple of settings to check.

    Options > Advanced > Full access control when a partner is connecting to the Winodws logon screen

    Options > General > Start TeamViewer with Windows

    Good luck!

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