Wake on LAN "Wake Up" button missing for members of shared group


This is from the TeamViewer-Manual-Wake-on-LAN-en.pdf:

Note: If the computer (that is to be wakened) is in a shared group, all TeamViewer accounts
with which the group is shared can wake up this computer.

I have several shared groups that I have setup within our organization. I have shared them with two other co-workers and have granted them Full Control. I setup Wake on LAN on 3 computers and have successfully woken them up under my account with the "Wake Up" button that appears for them signed in as me. My co-worker does not see the "Wake Up" button for the computers like I do when signed on as him whether he accesses his Management Console on the web, uses his desktop client or his app on his iPhone. I see the "Wake Up" button on all 3 of these methods for all of the computers I set it on. Why is this?