how to set login and password remotely via ssh without GUI?

jalexus Posts: 1

Hi Teamviewer Support!

I installed teamviewer ver.12 on my Debian system. When i type "teamviewer info" command output is:
      TeamViewer 12.0.90041 (DEB)
      Teamviewerd status teamviewerd start/running
      Teamviewer ID           _________________
Try restarting the Teamviewer daemon (e.g. teamviewer --daemon restart)

When I purged previous version (10) i deleted config of TV. So now I can't access to this host and have only ssh connection via putty. Question is: How can i set my login and password that i always used via SSH CLI? 

Think if i can do it access via GUI will be restored. Attached my log files [Logfile removed by moderator]