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Teamviewee 13 on Linux middle mouse button not working

Anyone else having this problem on Linux? Middle mouse button not working for me on Fedora.


  • I am having this problem too on Centos

  • Any solutions?

  • barna
    barna Posts: 1

    Same problem on Ubuntu 18.04, TeamViewer 13.1.3026. Any solutions?

  • Not working for me too. (Not scrolling)

    Linux Mint 17

    TeamViewer 13.X (now at 13.1.8286)

  • Linux Mint 18.3
    Middle button click does not work too. is there a solution?

  • cfab
    cfab Posts: 3

    Same here using teamviewer_13.2.13582_amd64.deb on a kubuntu 18.04 bionic

    Downgrading to teamviewer_13.1.8286_amd64.deb solved the probleme.

  • Same here on Arch. Looks like it doesn't depend on the distro or kernel at all...

  • cfab
    cfab Posts: 3

    No button 2 working on fresh new release v13.2.26559.

    Running Ubuntu 18.04

    Have to downgrade to 13.1.8286 to get it working.

  • Id like to add my reply here as well. Ubuntu 18.10 running Gnome 3.30, kernel 4.19.2. Middle mouse not working.

  • cfab
    cfab Posts: 3

    New release 14.0.12762 solved this issue . Middle button is woking fine.I'm using Kubuntu 18.04 bionic

    Thanks TV for this worderfull product.

  • awesome! just tested and it works! Thanks!
  • Good to see devs care about stuff reported here :)

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