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Mouse sensitivity (mouse too fast)

Hello everyone, is several years I use teamviever with no issues to connect my PCs togheter but the mouse, inside apps, are somethimes uncontrollable. I'm not talking just about games but also 3D applications. Click and translate to rotate camera is not working (camera spins too fast) in DAZ3D and 3DS MAX but is working in Meshlab (camera rotate as intended).

I know is a common issue, but what I want to know is if this behaviour will be fixed in upcoming versions of Teamviever.

For games I use the streaming provided by Steam and I have absolutely no issues. I also use Steam to use some program that Teamviever cannot handle (for the mouse issues). For this reason I know is possible to resolve mouse sensitivity issue.

I hope this will be solved even in Teamviever, this would save me a bit of trouble.