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Problems with credentials


I have an issue where I can only run my credentials on one PC, yet I have a PC at home and also at my office that I would like to be able to perform my support repairs with as well.

When I run my TeamViewer credentials on a computer other than my laptop I get the following message:

“TeamViewer Free does not allow connections to customized TeamViewer clients with your own company logo. Please use basic QuickSupport or the full version.

This session will be terminated after 5 minutes.”

I have set them up in exactly the same way in all three cases but only one works with our customized version. We have a code that is inputted here: Extras/Options/Account assignment.

Please advise how to activate our Teamviewer account on more than one PC at a time. (I am only able to physically use one PC at a time).


 - Geoff Briedé

Axis Medical Canada Inc.

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