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Inconsistent TV Meeting behavior

I have two Dell Precisions operating with Windows 10 OS.  On each I have an Admin account and one or more Standard accounts.  The Admin accounts are only used when admin permissions are required to perform new software installs or upgrades.  Each has TeamViewer the current version 12.0.72365 installed.  From the Standard account of one PC, I can start a presentation meeting and other PCs can attach.  From the other PC using a Standard account, attempts to start a meeting yield the error: "The meeting could not be established.  Either there is an incoming remote control session or you are hosting a meeting."  If TV is closed and restarted with the option "Run as administrator", the results are the same.  However, if I switch to the Admin account, TV Meetings work as expected.

Any thoughts on how to correct this?


Update.  Apparently caused by a memory issue since rebooting resolved the problem.