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Why Can't I Control my Android Device?



  • JonS
    JonS Posts: 1

    Any news HMD line of Nokia phones? :smileysad:

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Thanks For Posting.

    Unfortunately, as explained our Android Device FAQ, this device is not on our list of supported manufacturers and so this device is not supported by us at the moment.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to support all Android devices.

    To allow full remote control of a device, we need cooperation from the manufacturers themselves which we do not have for all manufacturers.

    As this does require the manufacturers support, we cannot simply commit to making this possible as we cannot do it alone. At the moment this is not on the roadmap sorry.


    Senior Moderator
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  • timotv
    timotv Posts: 6

    I've found a solution ! We have to use Splashtop or RealVNC instead of Teamviewer:

  • Same here on LeEco Le Pro 3 X772 stock firmware

  • ctconigz
    ctconigz Posts: 1


    Please add an option to have the ability to remote control xiaomi devices. Or are there any other ways to do it?

  • Taroko
    Taroko Posts: 2

    So Xiaomi develops hardware and the OS which is MIUI. When you say that TeamViewer requires Xiaomi's co-operation does it mean a hardware support or a software support. My guess is that you require a software support in which the MIUI-OS is in a position to take inputs remotely.

    So assume that on Xiaomi's device one installs custom ROMs such as LineageOS ... will that work ?

    3 days back I've bought Redmi Note 5 Pro and I don't see Teamviewer been supported nor do I see a LineageOS image ready yet for this recently launched device. However I'm sure a they will come out with a ROM for such a popular device.

    Question is: Will LineageOS work with TeamViewer on Redmi Note 5 Pro ?


  • Taroko
    Taroko Posts: 2

    Now this is interesting !!!

    Since I wanted to get the remote access working I was looking out for other options available on the internet. Turns out that Airdroid did the job for me ! ... I had to install the Airdroid PC application and the mobile app and through that I'm able to remotely control my mobile phone. I've enabled WiFi and also have the USB cable connected from PC to mobile.

    Question to TeamViewer Team. 

    How come Airdroid is able to get the job done while TeamViewer could not. The error that I got on TeamViewer "Host" and "QuickSupport" apps was "this device supports screen sharing only". 

    Hope TeamViewer's Developer Team is able to figure out this problem. You folks can reach out to me registered email address and I'd be happy to help the dev team.

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi Taroko,

    To be honest, I am not sure how much clearer I can be.

    This is a legal issue. It has very little to do with any kind of technical issue and it is not an issue our developers can solve because it is not a development problem.

    We are aware of it. It isn't a new thing. And no, we do not support linage or other Custom ROM's for the same reason.

    We also aren't really concerned with what other software is doing. We require the manufacturers co-operation and this will remain the answer no matter how many times this question is asked.

    I hope this clears up any misunderstandings.


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  • Ymca
    Ymca Posts: 3
    Ahh. Another question about the legality if I may.
    Is the legality problem connected to the hardware (phone) or to the software (android miui)?
    If it's a software, will changing android from a different ROM (not xiaomi's) will solve the legality problem?
  • Ymca
    Ymca Posts: 3
    From that I guess it's not a software/hardware legality. xiaomi just don't want to enable TV. So after people buy xiaomi phones, and after the warranty is over, xiaomi still controls it with legality.
    It's a shame that companies cannot let go legality after warranty is over so TV can be used.
  • 3NCORE
    3NCORE Posts: 2


    Here's the piece of log I get when I try running QS for Samsung behind a proxy. Looks like the app just ignores the system proxy settings

    2018/04/12 15:09:13.856 8819-8838 I/TeamViewer Activating Router carrier
    2018/04/12 15:09:13.856 8819-8838 I/TeamViewer CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[20]::CreateMasterConnect():, Connection 20, proxy=''
    2018/04/12 15:09:14.075 8819-8819 I/ActivityManager fragmentStopped o.yj
    2018/04/12 15:09:14.106 8819-8819 I/QSFragment Display is 2880x1800, Pixelformat=1
    2018/04/12 15:09:14.125 8819-8819 I/ActivityManager fragmentStarted
    2018/04/12 15:09:16.914 8819-8819 I/ActivityManager fragmentStopped
    2018/04/12 15:09:16.936 8819-8819 I/ActivityManager fragmentStarted o.yj
    2018/04/12 15:09:18.864 8819-8840 I/TeamViewer CTcpConnectionBase[20]::HandleConnectTimeout(). Connect timed out to
    2018/04/12 15:09:18.864 8819-8840 W/TeamViewer CProcessCommandHandlerMasterConnect[20]::HandleMasterConnect(): MasterConnect to failed
    2018/04/12 15:09:18.864 8819-8840 E/TeamViewer CMasterConnectorAsio::HandleMasterResponseRegister(): MasterConnect failed. ErrorCode=10
  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    @YmcaThat's close. Although, it's no so much that they don't want us to, it's that they have never allowed us to or responded as far as I know.

    It's not a software/hardware thing. Even though in Xiaomi's case, the software is created separately, they still have the rights to it.

    Manufacturers and developers are pretty protective of this kind of stuff. Samsung originally asked for a separate app just for them, which we did. But then, they wouldn't let us do updates which left Samsung devices in the lurch.

    Now we can do it without an add-on, but at their request we had to integrate knox protection in the app.

    It may be technically possible to connect and control any device. The problem is stepping on toes is not good for anyone.



    Senior Moderator
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  • Hi Scotty,

    thank you for the explanations, but I still don't get it.

    What you said can be true of Android 4.4 and older, but from Androd 5.0 (API 21) there is official Android API for screen sharing, docs available here: MediaProjection API

    Your app should be modified to work using this API, it can run slower - but it should work.

    So on devices with Android 5.0 and newer, your app - which can be downloaded from Google Play Store - can do screen sharing part without any involvement from the device manufacturer. In case of legal issues, I'm 100% certain that if some manufacturer really tried to block your app from using this API or drag you to court - Google would help you, otherwise the whole Android ecosystem is at risk. Manufacturers can't block use of API because they would lose Android compatibility claim and they would risk their devices being kicked out of the Play Store.

    Short version: screen sharing (viewing only) should always work on devices with Android 5.0 and newer, but older devices and support for remote control _can_ require manufacturer involvement.



  • JeanCarlo
    JeanCarlo Posts: 1

    Same issue on Xiaomi MI 4i 

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi alexxxxxxxxx

    You are absolutely correct. Any android device above 5.0 should have screen sharing.

    But what we have been discussing is not screen sharing, but full control. We have no issue with showing the screen on devices 5.0 and later, just remote controlling them.


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  • udonmez
    udonmez Posts: 2

    We are waiting news from Nokia support.

  • IvanGabem
    IvanGabem Posts: 1

    I'm using Advan i10. I want to connect my device using Team Viewer. I had checked on Playstore if there's no add-on for Advan. 

    I've downloaded QS For Android 7, but It still doesn't work. 

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi Everyone,

    This is exactly the same as every other Android device we are unable to support.

    We cannot support all mobiles and we need the manufacturers support in order to allow remote control which we do not have for Nokia android devices.

    I have moved this thread to our new unsupported Android thread.


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  • udonmez
    udonmez Posts: 2
    There should be way to support Nokia Phones. Did you contacted with Nokia to be able to remote support . We will appreciate if you support that make. Especially old people, mothers , fathers your wonderful program is beneficial and I hope you support Nokia android devices in soon time.
  • 98
    98 Posts: 3
    the remote device doesn't support screen sharing
  • Michelr
    Michelr Posts: 1

    Can't click to start an adroid app clicking with the mouse on the windows 10 screen. Though the teamviewer blue hand shows up for a second on the android screen.

    When I try it with an other android controling this android I see the hand movements, but still can't click it. When I click the keyboard on the bottom pop-up I get "remote side does not support remote input".

  • Sachinraj
    Sachinraj Posts: 1
    How do activate remote control at mi mobile phone
  • When it will fix?? It have solution right
  • Motorola IS in the list, whats up with you guys??? Same happens to me: blue hand on phone and pc and not able to click or move screens nor typing. Moto G5  here.

  • Chab
    Chab Posts: 1
    Phone: myPhone c-Smart 4. Android 7.
    When I try connect with on phone by 'teamviewer quicksupport' popup shows that there is add-on to download (connection with master phone is established). It goes to google app but ther is message that addon was not found. Does it means that it's not possible to connect with this phone?
    From other side I can control by remote other phones without any problem by TeamViewer.
  • Vynash
    Vynash Posts: 1

    Motorola is listed on your officially supported list of manufacturers. I have a Moto G4+ with the latest and greatest OS allowed, any reason it's not working now?

  • having a similar issue trying to connect to Smart Tv box Android 7.1 13.2.9394 HM 

    Ubuntu Desktop TeamViewer  13.2.13582 on local LAN will not connect

    ( all options greyed out ) 

    Android 6.0.1  Phone TeamViewer 13.1.8817 CL on local LAN + Mobile does connect no issues at least wants to try and connect but complains about unsupported version 






  • IP
    IP Posts: 1

    Is there is a way to use TeamViewer to remote control a Pixel 2 or Nexus 6P devices?   I can only view the screens, but not to remove control the devices.  Thanks!

  • Hello, I can not remotely access my android tv box 7.1.2. from my huawei p10 lite device, the message that gives me and that the device does not support screen sharing, how can I do? the TV box brand is VIDEN and the W95 model.
    Thanks so much.
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