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iPad cant connect to 2018 MacBookPro

I have used TeamViewer successfully Mac to Mac a few times but I’m trying/failing to connect with my iPad 10” (iOS 11.3.1) to a new 2018 MacBookPro (OS 10.12.6). I have attached screenshots of the messages I’m getting.  It thinks I’m using a customised version of TeamViewer with a logo.  I’m not!  This is a new first install on my iPad  It has never been used on the MBP (although the install was from a backed up Time Machine backup a few days ago - the Mac is brand new)  It also seems to think I’m blacklisted for some reason, I am not aware that I’m blacklisted and as a very low volume user (I last used it about three years ago).


Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?


my iPad 8A431287-F126-41F3-8A74-C36ED8AEFD7D.pngE0C06B04-A2D3-4305-AA2B-8AF1B2F2CFDE.png8E191833-B783-49F9-ADCF-8166960BE572.jpeg