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ID changed by itself - again

Hello there,

I use Teamviewer sometimes to connect a computer in my cottage to check the monitored electricity system of the cottage.

Normally the ID should keep the same, but it has changed by itself the second time now.
Why does that happen?

The problem is, my cottage is 400 miles away... And I cannot access my computer before I have to go there to update my new TeamViewer ID
This is a bit annoying.

Is there a reason for the automatic ID change?

Thank you,


  • KKarlKKarl Posts: 8

    Hi Hoschi. If you Google "Teamviewer ID Changed" you will find that for the last week or so, many many people have experienced this problem, including myself. One post on the Community Forum starts with TV saying that they implemented this on purpose, for security:

    I will be complaining to TV about this. IDs must NEVER change, ever, without me being told what the new ID is. Otherwise how do we get to the remote system! That is the entire point of TV. 

    Can I request that you make your dissatisfaction know to TV as well. Tell them that IDs must never change, unless you do it yourself, so that you know the new number.

  • Teamviewer you need to fix this immediately !!! 

    This is HORRIBLE 

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