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For the love of god, can you please add a proper Path Browsing Window to TeamViewer?

When choosing to save a file that someone has made available during a TeamViewer chat, TeamViewer uses the most obnoxious path browser to choose the save location.  This is a problem because:

1.  It's a limited version path browsing window.  This means you can't Paste a path for ease, you have to go and click all the little arrows and graphically navigate to the final location instead of just hitting Ctrl+V if you have it copied already.

2.  You don't remember the chosen path location.  Why the heck not?  There is NO ADVANTAGE in forcing people to have to re-navigate for Every. Single. File.  This annoyance is significantly compounded by problem #1.


So please fix this already!  Changing the type of path browser is a 5 second modification to the code.  And letting TeamViewer remember the save location (and yes, you can remember between sessions as well!) might be a 10 minute modification to the code.

But this would save a tremendous amount of frustration for your users that's completely unnecessary.