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TeamViewer unaccompanied

Hello, i´m new, i'm german and not very skilled in english technical vocabulary. I can't find the right answer in faqs or by search. probably searched with wrong words. -  it would be nice if someone could give me the missing information.

Is remote control at home of my Windows workstation in the office possible without having to enter an additional ID in the office-Workstation? Unaccompanied in the office.
Is this a feature of the free (private) version for both computers or do I have to buy a single user license??? I don't need this Software für commercial things.



  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,091 Former Community Manager

    Hi @buzzpush

    Thanks for your post.

    Yes - you can just enter the TeamViewer ID of your office computer into the Partner ID field of your TeamViewer on your home computer. Or just save the connection-information into your Computers & Contacts list.

    Please have a look at the following documentation to learn more about unattended access:

    Secure unattended access to devices

    Password for unattended access

    Yes - connecting to your office workstation requires a license. Please feel free to reach out to our Sales team or order directly via our webshop.

    I hope the info is helpful.

    Best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

  • Alright so the top part, keep me signed in will keep me in without paying?


    I am not trying to connect to my office workstation. I'm trying to keep the link from my phone to my home computer to monitor things throughout the day while I am gone.

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,091 Former Community Manager

    Hi @savvysavvy

    If you just need to make sure that you can always connect to your device, you can set up a password for unattended access (a permanent password, which does not change after each session).

    This is helpful in case you lost connection at some point and want to reconnect.

    If you are only using it for personal usage (no commercial usage), you do not need a license.

    Hope this helps you.

    Best, Esther


    Former Community Manager

  • I am really struggling. No matter what I do, around 9am it stops working even though the password isn't changing. The computer is still on and unlocked in the OS, but it said the password is invalid. But then I go home, and it's still the same password.