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my windows computer has more then one user, can i remotly log into my accouny while another stays on

teamviwer is working well for me, although there is over 100 pages of instructions, they are complicated and refer to pages one has either not yet reached, or that one has read, and passed over aways back in the text, making for a difficult read, and a hard, confusing, learning curve. on the upside, Teamviewer appears to be rich in abilities, and, as far as I have seen so far, appears to be a rich, robust remote controll desktop app.

it works wonders for remote controlling, accessing, and performing maitenence on ones PC when one is away from home, or with helping friends and family repair their PC from a distance

but, if it's at all posible, I would like to see if there is any way I can do something with Teamviewer< or with a combination of Windows 10 settings and Teamviwer settings, that I can already tell Teamviewer is not really designed for, or created to really do, but it seems to me this program is robust and hearty enough of a program, that their just might be a way to do it.

my windows 10 computer is used by three different family members within the household, eash having their own seperate accounts, their own seperate windows 10 account names, with their own seperate, individual windows desktops, personalized for their own private, individualized use and personal preferences, all sharing, and taking turns on this one computer, which is the only computer in the household. i am far from being a computer geek, but i am by far the most knowlagable about computers within this small family comunity, which isnt saying a whole **bleep** of a lot, but which effectivly makes me the computer administrater, and the makeshift repair guy, Teamviewr works well for that, but it doesnt seem like it has the option, at least not transparently, to be able to allow me to remotly log onto my windows 10 computer from my Iphone 6S+, remotly log onto my personal widows ID, desktop, and personal account from my iphone, and access my personal widows desktop, all of its programs and features, as well as files, apps, ect, on my account on my windows 10 computer, while viewing my private account from the screan of my iphone using teamviewer, while my girlfriend is using that very same computer, viewing her account and desktop on the screen of the computer in question, shes loged into her account and her desktop on the screen of said computer, while i use teamviewer to access my username and view my personalized desktop on my iphone screen, and have a seperate, individual view and personal use of the same compter, viwing a different screan on my iphone as im logged on under my user name on the windows 10 computer, from my iphone, using teamviwer (maybe VPN, or some sort of advanced setting, or maybe some slick trick with teamviwers multiple screen setting (even though my computer only has one screen), or some other teamviewer combined with windows 10 trick to accomplish this, where my girfriend can use her account, and i can use my account simotainiously on the same computer through my iphone using teamviwer. i know im not being all that clear, bu i hope somebody understands what im trying to do, and what im talking about, and if so, might be able to steer me in the right direction to try and make this happen for me, im pritty sure what im trying to do is possible, but i think its going to be extreemly tricky and probably complicated, but i truly would like to know how i could make such happen. thankks