Team viewer 14: Mouse / Keyboard not working on remote computer

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Hi all

Using the free version to try it out for later use at my company. I'm able to access my host or main PC remotely with no issues.  However once I'm logged-in  i have no control over anything including the mouse and keyboards.  They do nothing.  It appears that my mouse is see on the screen is the mouse from the remote PC and has no effect on the host PC

All setting are set to full control on both sides.  I've even pulled the USB for my wireless mouse but to no avail.

Windows 10 on both sides.  I do have go to my PC installed on the main or host computer and it works fine.  Just cant do anything remotely also using TV14  (14.1.1925)


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    Same problem here.

    Teamviewer 14 on both sides and I'm not able to remote control the mouse on the remote Mac. Screen shows up fine though.

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    Hello @masksav,
    Hello @dflorey,

    Thank you for your messages.

    I think we have here two different cases, even though we have the same symptoms.

    @masksav, First of all, I recommend you to make an update of your TeamViewer applications on both sides of the connection (your PC, and the remote PC).
    Then, could you please check if, on your remote computer's TeamViewer options, Full access is granted? In order to check this, you only need to go ExtrasOptionsAdvanced and Advanced settings for connections to this computer.

    @dflorey, could you please check, what OS version your remote Mac has? If it is running on Mojave, please follow the instructions on this article: How to control a Mac running macOS 10.14 Mojave

    I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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    Did this help you? I followed those instructions and still have the same problem.

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    Did you manage to solve this problem? I followed the instruction but not successful.

  • We have updated both computers. Mine  is a Win10 and the other persons is a late model Mac. I am logging into their  machine from mine to train them on wordpress usage. The mouse has worked just fine for past sessions right up until today. I don't know what you changed on the software but you need to fix it.

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    Having the same problem on my on my Mac even after following the directions for  How to control a Mac running macOS 10.14 Mojave  on both apple computers one running MAC OS 14 and one running MacOS 10.13.  Team Viewer is the same Version on both computers.  also added Teamview to the Firewall Settings still no keyboard and mouse on remote computer.  Any other remedy's or suggestions on this issue?  Please help?  Trying to help my elderly mom with who lives in another state!    Can only view the remote computer.  No Keyboard or Mouse is working since the upgrade from Teamviewer 10 to 14.....

    Thank You,


  • I had the same issue, what resolved mine, I was logged in with the same account on my local machine and on the remote machine. I logged out of my account on the remote machine, and mouse and keyboard functionality came back

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    Thank you for this post - at least now i have a workaround - works so far

  • So I am having the exact same issue on my Macs. I can access my elderly moms' computer back east and see her desktop but I have no mouse or keyboard access? Weird. Both sides have "full access" checked on and both are updated to the latest Team Viewer 14 as of 10.26.19

    I am running Catalina on my MacBook Pro and I have her still on Mojave on her Mac Mini and this should totally work. Also, she had the Geek squad at her end today and they are also baffled as to why this is not working. All has worked great for years, it seems to be the new TeamViewer 14 update that is causing problems?  I saw one person mentioned changing access log ins but that is not the issue here. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    Hello @JBTurfers

    Thank you for your message.

    Remote control setup has changed with the new macOS versions.

    You will find all the information you need in our Knowledge Base article here: How to control a Mac running macOS 10.14 or higher



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  • I do not have control connecting from a macbook air running 10.14.1 mojave and a mac pro tower running the same OS.  No keyboard commands work however I can make windows appear such as system preferences when using the teamviewer management window but with no control over dragging them or closing them etc..