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Teamviewer Host Registry Edit

We have created a MSI installed for our host installs. We are trying to change the Advanced Options then Access Control "Show confirmation" to the new setting of "Generate new"

We are not able to find where we can change the registry edit to make this change?

We think its located here but we have changed it from 0 to 1 and still its not changing properly on our host.


2019-02-19 15_35_23-TeamViewer options.png2019-02-19 15_35_56-TeamViewer options--.png


  • willsie_as
    willsie_as Posts: 2

    Did you end up finding a solution for this one?

    I imported the registry and can see these policies are HKCU\ but even if I import them manually it doesn't change anything. 

  • willsie_as
    willsie_as Posts: 2

    I figured it out....



    Cannot be made to a local registry from what I can tell.

    GPO it out imo. 

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