Not receiving password reset emails

I have been signed out of my home PC but my work PC is still logged in and I try to reset the password and I do not receive the reset email. I have tried this multiple times over a few weeks and nothing. My email works fine and have tested it.

I attempt to log in to the website from my work PC which auto logs in and it says it hasn't seen my browser before and trys to send another email.

What gives?


  • Has anyone at TeamViewer tried to trouble shoot your issue as of yet?

  • AndreLeBlanc
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    edited March 2022

    I too am having this problem. I don't see how to engage TV support since their home page for support says they only help licensed users. So do I just have to scrap that account entirely and create a new one? Kinda **bleep** because I'm still logged in and functional with the account on one computer, but on my other computer, I can't login to either the local client nor web portal.