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ChomeOS - "Free version" besides having a Business License?



We have the business license, but we there is this "Free version" alert. In one of our hosts we receive this alert when connecting, and the session will last only the five minutes.Teamviewer-ChromeOS.png




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  • KDWCloud
    KDWCloud Posts: 3

    I found something interesting:

    - besides showing "non commercial version" I can connect to a 11 Host version. When I connect to a 12 host version it gives me the alert that the session will be only 5 minutes.

  • Yeah - 


    Same here. The question was incorrectly marked as resolved. 


    We want to use Chromebook to control other computers. We are licensed users. How do we register the Chromebook for the Teamviewer manager so that we can control other computers without restrictions?

  • You failed to note that the question is very specific to using Chromebook with Licensed Teamviewer. When you explain how to do this, it makes the Chromebook very useful.

  • sider
    sider Posts: 1

    This is NOT the solution and this topic is not closed/solved.
    I have the same problem and without ID (Teamviewer for ChromeOS does not give you any ID) it is impossible to license.

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